Warehouse 13: The Text Adventure 2nd Progress Update

A lot has been accomplished since the first update, but I still need to do a lot more. So far I’ve…

  • Created all of the Warehouse rooms
  • Added all of the artifacts to the rooms
  • Created a searchable artifact database
  • Added Artie, Myka, Pete, Steve, Claudia, and HG as characters the player can interact with
  • Created the first goal, which is to meet all of the characters

The only left to do before I’m ready to post a testable beta version is to create conversation replies for the characters. The player is able to ask the characters about things, and if the thing is a keyword I’ve included in the game, the character will give a response. The problem is that it’s hard to come up with ~100 different responses per character. Coding is easy compared to this. I’m hoping to have all of the responses completed in the next couple of days.


Warehouse 13: The Text Adventure 1st Progress Update

I’ve started writing a text adventure based on the show Warehouse 13, and I’m going to document the process here.

I’m using Inform 7 to write the game, and this first part is rather annoying because I don’t completely understand what syntax to use. I know exactly what I want to happen at the beginning, but I can’t actually get it to operate because I don’t know how to phrase it. For example, I want the player to follow a character into the opening to the Warehouse, but I don’t yet know how to tell the character to move or to wait for the player in the next room.